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It is time to rise up


We, you, me, no one will stop the incoming wave. For it will effect everyone and everything that is in its way. Waves of incoming light, will burn away old habits, emotions and pain.It will resolve old issues, which hold back our destiny to love, our right to be united in ourselves. Layers will be unfolded, disolved into emptiness. Our, your true nature, will shine where ever it can be seen and felt. Everything needs to be seen, everything which is not out off love, will end from this day on. Until the waves start erupting in frequent bursts of energy. People will feel paralysed at first. Be awoken out of a dream. Love is the driving force of the universe. When we combine within ourselves  the forces of division. Than we will find our true nature. It is time to rise up in love...


"Freedom resides in the heart"

"Whenever we open ourselves up to the sky, receiving the blessings from the world behind our perception. We open up to the fastness everlasting invisibility of human consciousness."

"Knowing the truth, that follows the presence in the heart is everything you will ever need to experience. The true reality of the essence of being"


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