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Be light

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Let it come, allow the light to pour in. Resist no longer. The light is already shining through. Sometimes the past catches up with you, it grabs you and pulls you down, into the body and full identification.

Become the light, this is what we are, show others what it is to be light and to live in light. Just by being present. Where ever you will go, you will bring light. Let people feel the light, lighten the burden when you are around without solving anything for them. The power comes from themselves. The light creates an atmosphere inwhich people feel supported and dare to be vulnerable. Brave to allow and show their own light to be.

Give up the fight and you will become the light. It is time to be the light, your way is the path of light.

Dance, sing, show yourself, let the light in, embrace the light, be the light...

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