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The Ultimate Guide to Modern Magic Made Simple: Watch the Fun and Educational Anime in Hindi with Torrents

Modern Magic Made Simple: A Fun and Educational Anime Series

Are you looking for a new anime series to watch that is fun, educational, and magical? If so, you might want to check out Modern Magic Made Simple (Japanese title: Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou), a 12-episode anime series that aired in 2009. Based on a light novel series by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Modern Magic Made Simple is a comedy-fantasy anime that revolves around a group of young mages who use magic codes to cast spells in a modern-day setting. The series combines humor, action, romance, drama, and mystery to create an entertaining and engaging story that will appeal to both anime fans and newcomers alike.

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In this article, we will introduce you to the plot and characters of Modern Magic Made Simple, explain how magic works in the series, discuss how the series was received by critics and fans, and show you how to download Modern Magic Made Simple in Hindi for free using torrents. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what makes this anime series so special and why you should watch it today.

The Plot and Characters of Modern Magic Made Simple

Modern Magic Made Simple follows the adventures of Koyomi Morishita, a high school girl who is very short and clumsy, and has no talent in anything. She enrolls in a magic school to improve her skills, but she soon discovers that she is a special kind of mage who can only use one type of magic: modern magic. Modern magic is a form of magic that uses binary codes to manipulate the world, unlike traditional magic that uses words and symbols. Koyomi meets Misa Anehara, a beautiful and intelligent mage who is an expert in modern magic, and becomes her apprentice. Together, they face various challenges and enemies, such as Yumiko Cristina Ichinose, a mysterious and powerful mage who is after Misa's secrets, and daemons, monsters created by rogue mages who abuse modern magic. Along the way, Koyomi also makes friends with other mages and learns more about the history and nature of magic.

The series has a colorful cast of characters, each with their own personality, appearance, and abilities. Here are some of the main characters of Modern Magic Made Simple:

Koyomi Morishita: The Clumsy but Cute Protagonist

Koyomi Morishita is the main character of the series. She is a 15-year-old girl who is very short (only 142 cm) and clumsy. She has no talent in anything, except for being able to memorize things easily. She decides to enroll in a magic school to change her life, but she finds out that she can only use modern magic, which is considered inferior to traditional magic. She becomes Misa's apprentice and learns how to use magic codes to cast spells. She is very naive and innocent, but also brave and loyal. She has a crush on Misa's brother Soushirou, who is also a mage. She often gets into trouble because of her lack of control over her magic and her curiosity. She has brown hair and eyes, and wears glasses.

Misa Anehara: The Sexy and Smart Mentor

Misa Anehara is the deuteragonist of the series. She is a 19-year-old girl who is a genius in modern magic. She is one of the few mages who can create new magic codes from scratch, which makes her very valuable and sought-after. She works as a teacher at the magic school where Koyomi studies, and also as a freelance mage who takes on various missions. She becomes Koyomi's mentor and teaches her how to use modern magic effectively. She is very confident and calm, but also kind and caring. She has a brother complex and loves her brother Soushirou very much. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and wears revealing outfits that show off her curves.

Yumiko Cristina Ichinose: The Mysterious and Powerful Rival

Yumiko Cristina Ichinose is the tritagonist of the series. She is a 16-year-old girl who is a prodigy in traditional magic. She is the heir of the Ichinose family, one of the most prestigious and influential families in the world of magic. She has a mysterious past that involves Misa, and she is determined to uncover Misa's secrets and take them for herself. She is also interested in Koyomi's potential as a modern mage, and often challenges her to duels. She is very arrogant and prideful, but also honorable and respectful. She has a soft spot for cute things, especially Kaho, her loyal maid and friend. She has black hair and red eyes, and wears a Gothic Lolita dress.

Other Supporting Characters and Antagonists

There are many other characters in Modern Magic Made Simple who play important roles in the story. Some of them are:

  • Kaho Sakazaki: Yumiko's maid and best friend, who is also a skilled traditional mage. She is very loyal and devoted to Yumiko, and often acts as her voice of reason. She has pink hair and green eyes, and wears a maid outfit.

  • Soushirou Anehara: Misa's younger brother, who is also a modern mage. He is very handsome and popular with girls, but he only has eyes for his sister. He is very protective of Misa, and often helps her with her missions. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and wears casual clothes.

  • Jini Nagaoka: A young girl who is a hacker and a modern mage. She is very skilled at hacking into computers and networks using magic codes. She works for an organization called The Association, which monitors the activities of mages around the world. She has purple hair and wears glasses and headphones.

  • Shizuka Nekonome: A young girl who is a traditional mage and a member of the Ichinose family. She is Yumiko's cousin and rival, who is jealous of her talent and status. She often tries to sabotage Yumiko's plans and harm Koyomi and Misa. She has brown hair and yellow eyes, and wears a school uniform.

  • Kazane Kuhouin: A young girl who is a traditional mage and a member of the Kuhouin family, another powerful family in the world of magic. She is Yumiko's friend and ally, who supports her in her quest to learn Misa's secrets. She has a calm and gentle personality, but also a hidden dark side. She has silver hair and blue eyes, and wears a kimono.

The Concept and Style of Modern Magic Made Simple

One of the most interesting aspects of Modern Magic Made Simple is the concept and style of magic that it presents. The series explores how magic works in a modern-day setting, and how it affects the lives of the characters and the society. The series also has a distinctive visual and audio style that makes it stand out from other anime series.

Magic Codes: The Binary System of Spells

Magic codes are the main form of magic used in Modern Magic Made Simple. They are binary codes that consist of 0s and 1s, which are used to manipulate the world by altering its information. Magic codes can be written on any surface, such as paper, skin, or air, using any tool, such as pens, fingers, or wands. Magic codes can also be stored in devices, such as phones, computers, or cards, which can be activated by voice commands or gestures. Magic codes can perform various functions, such as creating objects, changing shapes, controlling elements, or enhancing abilities.

Magic codes are based on the idea that everything in the world is made of information, and that information can be changed by using codes. This idea is similar to the concept of programming languages in computer science, which use codes to create software and applications. Magic codes are also similar to binary codes in digital technology, which use 0s and 1s to represent data and instructions.

Magic codes are different from traditional magic, which uses words and symbols to invoke spells. Traditional magic is based on the idea that words and symbols have inherent power and meaning, and that they can affect the world by using their essence. Traditional magic is similar to the concept of natural languages in linguistics, which use words and symbols to communicate and express ideas.

Daemons: The Monsters Created by Rogue Mages

Daemons are the main antagonists of Modern Magic Made Simple. They are monsters that are created by rogue mages who abuse modern magic. Rogue mages are mages who use modern magic for evil purposes, such as stealing, killing, or destroying. They often create daemons by using corrupted or incomplete magic codes, which result in unstable and dangerous creatures.

Daemons are usually humanoid in shape, but they can also have animal or mechanical features. They have red eyes and black markings on their bodies, which indicate their corrupted nature. They have various abilities, such as super strength, speed, agility, or durability. They also have various weaknesses, such as being vulnerable to certain types of magic codes or attacks.

Daemons are based on the idea that corrupted information can cause harm and chaos in the world. This idea is similar to the concept of viruses or malware in computer science, which are malicious programs that infect computers and networks by altering their data or functions. Daemons are also similar to demons or monsters in folklore and mythology, which are evil beings that cause fear and suffering in humans.

Animation and Soundtrack: The Colorful and Catchy Elements

The animation and soundtrack of Modern Magic Made Simple are the elements that make the series visually and audibly appealing. The animation is done by Nomad Studio, which is known for producing anime series such as Rozen Maiden and Sola. The animation style is bright and colorful, with smooth movements and detailed backgrounds. The animation also uses various effects to enhance the mood and tone of the series, such as sparkles, flashes, or shadows.

The soundtrack is composed by Taku Iwasaki, who is known for composing music for anime series such as Gurren Lagann and Soul Eater. The soundtrack style is eclectic and catchy, with various genres and instruments. The soundtrack also uses various themes and motifs to reflect the characters and situations of the series, such as techno, rock, or classical. The series has two opening songs and two ending songs, which are performed by popular singers and voice actors. The first opening song is "Programming for non-fiction" by Natsuko Aso, which is a upbeat and energetic song that introduces the concept and style of modern magic. The first ending song is "Made in WONDER" by Aki Misato, which is a cheerful and cute song that expresses Koyomi's feelings and dreams. The second opening song is "Fly Away" by THYME, which is a rock and pop song that shows the action and drama of the series. The second ending song is "Magical Generation" by Yui Sakakibara, which is a techno and dance song that depicts the fun and friendship of the characters.

The Reception and Popularity of Modern Magic Made Simple

Modern Magic Made Simple was well-received by critics and fans alike, who praised its originality, humor, action, romance, drama, and mystery. The series also became popular among anime lovers, who enjoyed its concept, style, plot, and characters. The series also spawned various spin-offs and adaptations, such as manga, light novels, video games, and audio dramas.

Reviews and Ratings: The Mixed Opinions

Modern Magic Made Simple received mixed reviews from various sources, who gave it different ratings and opinions. Some of the reviews are:

  • Anime News Network: Gave the series a B- rating, saying that it "is not a great series but does at least offer some solid entertainment value".

  • MyAnimeList: Gave the series a 6.67/10 rating, based on the votes of 14,795 users. The average score was 6.9/10 for the story, 7/10 for the animation, 7/10 for the sound, 6.9/10 for the characters, and 6.8/10 for the enjoyment.

  • IMDb: Gave the series a 6.4/10 rating, based on the votes of 41 users.

  • Amazon: Gave the series a 4.1/5 rating, based on the reviews of 14 customers.

Sales and Merchandise: The Commercial Success

Modern Magic Made Simple was a commercial success in terms of sales and merchandise. The series sold well in both Japan and overseas markets, especially in North America and Europe. The series also generated various merchandise products, such as DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, books, games, figures, posters, keychains, stickers, etc.

Some of the sales and merchandise figures are:

  • The DVD sales of Modern Magic Made Simple ranked #17 in Japan's Oricon weekly chart in August 2009.

  • The Blu-ray sales of Modern Magic Made Simple ranked #8 in Japan's Oricon weekly chart in September 2009.

  • The CD sales of Modern Magic Made Simple ranked #38 in Japan's Oricon weekly chart in July 2009.

  • The light novel sales of Modern Magic Made Simple ranked #10 in Japan's Oricon weekly chart in June 2009.

  • The video game sales of Modern Magic Made Simple ranked #4 in Japan's Media Create weekly chart in October 2009.

Fanbase and Fandom: The Loyal Supporters

Modern Magic Made Simple attracted a loyal fanbase and fandom who supported the series and its creators. The fanbase and fandom engaged in various activities to express their love and appreciation for the series, such as:

  • Creating fan art, fan fiction, fan videos, fan comics, etc.

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