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Knockout City: How to Customize Your Crew and Style

Knockout City: The Ultimate Guide to Dodgebrawl

Are you ready to duke it out in Knockout City, where crews settle the score in intense dodgebrawl action? If you are looking for a fresh and fun game that blends half a dozen different game genres, from shooters to sports games, fighters, brawlers, platformers, and physics simulations, then Knockout City is the game for you!

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In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Knockout City, from what it is, how to play it, how to master it, and what's new in it. By the end of this guide, you will be a dodgebrawl pro who can knock out opponents with trick shots and coordinated teamwork while dodging and catching balls flying across the map. Let's get started!

What is Knockout City?

A brief introduction to the game and its genre

Knockout City is a multiplayer online game that was released on May 21, 2021, by Velan Studios and Electronic Arts. It is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. It is also part of the EA Play subscription service.

The game is based on the concept of dodgeball, but with a twist. Instead of playing on a fixed court with fixed rules, you can play on various maps with different features and obstacles, such as rooftops, alleys, factories, stadiums, and more. You can also use different types of balls with special abilities, such as sniper balls, soda balls, boomerang balls, poison balls, cage balls, bomb balls, and more. You can even ball up yourself and become the ultimate weapon of dodgeball destruction!

The game is mainly played in teams of three or four players, but there are also other modes that allow you to play solo or in larger groups. The game modes include Team KO (the standard mode where you have to knock out more opponents than the other team), Face-Off (a one-on-one mode where you have to score more KOs than your opponent), Diamond Dash (a mode where you have to collect diamonds that drop from KO'd players), Ball-Up Brawl (a mode where everyone is balled up and can only be thrown by teammates), Party Team KO (a mode where the rules change every round), Free-for-All (a mode where everyone is on their own), Snowball Fight (a seasonal mode where you have to use snowballs), Alien Smash Site (a special mode where you have to fight aliens), and more.

The main features and modes of the game

Knockout City has a lot of features and modes that make it a unique and exciting game. Here are some of them:

  • Crews: You can create or join a crew with up to 32 players and customize your crew name, logo, banner, vehicle, hideout, contracts (challenges), playlists (preferred modes), and more. You can also chat with your crew members, invite them to matches, and earn rewards together.

  • Cosmetics: You can customize your character's appearance, style, voice, emotes, glider, intro pose, victory pose, KO effect, taunt effect, ball effect, hit sound effect, catch sound effect, throw sound effect , and more. You can unlock new cosmetics by leveling up, completing contracts, earning currency, or buying them with real money.

  • Seasons: The game has seasons that last for about nine weeks and introduce new content, such as maps, balls, modes, events, cosmetics, and more. Each season also has a theme and a story that unfolds through radio broadcasts, comics, and cinematics. You can also earn season rewards by completing season contracts and reaching higher ranks in the league play.

  • League Play: You can compete in the league play to test your skills and rank up from Rookie to Master. You can play solo or with your crew and earn league points by winning matches. You can also earn league rewards, such as badges, icons, banners, and more.

  • Events: The game has events that offer special challenges and rewards for a limited time. Some examples of events are Block Party (a free trial event where anyone can play the game for free), Heatwave (an event where you have to collect ice pops to unlock cosmetics), Rivals (an event where you have to face off against rival crews), Halloween Havoc (a seasonal event where you have to collect candy to unlock cosmetics), and more.

How to play Knockout City?

The basic controls and mechanics of the game

Knockout City is easy to pick up but hard to master. The basic controls and mechanics of the game are as follows:

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  • Movement: You can move around with the left stick or the WASD keys. You can also jump with the A button or the spacebar, double jump by pressing the jump button again in mid-air, glide with the X button or the left shift key, roll with the B button or the left ctrl key, and sprint by holding the roll button.

  • Throwing: You can throw balls with the right trigger or the left mouse button. You can also charge your throw by holding the throw button, aim your throw with the right stick or the mouse cursor, curve your throw by flicking the right stick or moving the mouse while charging, lob your throw by pressing up on the right stick or moving the mouse up while charging, fake your throw by pressing the Y button or the F key, and cancel your throw by pressing the left trigger or the right mouse button.

  • Catching: You can catch balls with the left trigger or the right mouse button. You can also time your catch perfectly by pressing the catch button right before the ball hits you, which will give you a speed boost and a stronger throw. You can also deflect balls by pressing the catch button while gliding or rolling.

  • Dodging: You can dodge balls by gliding or rolling. You can also dodge tackles by pressing the dodge button while being tackled.

  • Tackling: You can tackle opponents with the right bumper or the E key. You can also tackle opponents who are balled up to stun them and make them drop their ball.

  • Balling Up: You can ball up yourself with the left bumper or the Q key. You can also pass yourself to a teammate by pressing the throw button while balled up, or explode yourself by pressing the catch button while balled up.

  • Passing: You can pass balls to your teammates with the left stick or the mouse wheel. You can also auto-pass by holding the pass button, which will automatically pass the ball to the nearest teammate who is looking at you.

  • Special Moves: You can perform special moves with certain balls by holding the catch button while charging your throw. For example, you can zoom in with the sniper ball, bounce off walls with the boomerang ball, trap opponents with the cage ball, and more.

The different types of balls and how to use them

Knockout City has different types of balls that have different abilities and effects. Here are some of them:




Standard Ball


The most basic and common ball in the game. It has no special ability, but it is reliable and easy to use.

Sniper Ball


A ball that can zoom in and lock on to targets. It has a long range and a fast speed, but it is easy to dodge and catch.

Soda Ball


A ball that can burp and release a cloud of gas. It has a short range and a slow speed, but it can obscure the vision and hearing of opponents.

Boomerang Ball


A ball that can bounce off walls and return to the thrower. It has a medium range and a medium speed, but it can curve and surprise opponents.

Poison Ball


A ball that can poison opponents and make them lose health over time. It has a medium range and a medium speed, but it can also poison the thrower if they hold it for too long.

Cage Ball


A ball that can cage opponents and make them unable to move or act. It has a short range and a slow speed, but it can also be used to trap teammates


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