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Download Painting by Numbers: Discover Amazing Artworks and Create Your Own Masterpieces

Download Painting by Numbers: A Fun and Easy Way to Create Art

Do you love art but feel intimidated by the idea of creating your own masterpiece? Do you want to relax and enjoy a creative hobby without spending too much time or money? Do you wish you could paint like a pro without any skills or experience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try painting by numbers!

Painting by numbers is a fun and easy way to create art. The concept is simple: each piece of artwork is divided into different numbered sections. You use the corresponding paint colors to fill in the sections, following the numbers to create the complete image. Painting by numbers is a great way to explore your creative side and create beautiful artwork without having to be an expert in the field.

download painting by numbers

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about painting by numbers, including its history, benefits, how to download it, how to paint it, and where to find the best kits. By the end of this article, you will be ready to download painting by numbers and start your own artistic journey!

What is Painting by Numbers?

Painting by numbers is a type of art that involves following a numbered guide to paint a picture. Each number corresponds to a specific color, and each color fills a specific area on the canvas. By following the numbers, you can create a realistic and detailed painting without any prior knowledge or talent.

The History of Painting by Numbers

Painting by numbers was invented in the 1950s by Dan Robbins, an American artist who worked for a paint company. He was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, who used a similar technique to teach his students how to paint. Robbins created the first painting by numbers kit, which consisted of a canvas with numbered outlines, a set of paints with matching numbers, and a brush. He called his product "Craft Master" and marketed it as a way for anyone to become an artist.

The idea was a huge success, and millions of people bought painting by numbers kits in the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the most popular designs were landscapes, animals, flowers, and famous paintings. Painting by numbers became a cultural phenomenon, and many celebrities and politicians tried it as well. Some of the original paintings by numbers are now considered collectibles and are displayed in museums.

The Benefits of Painting by Numbers

Painting by numbers is not only fun but also beneficial for your health and well-being. Here are some of the advantages of painting by numbers:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety. Painting by numbers is a relaxing activity that helps you focus on the present moment and forget about your worries. It also releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals that make you feel happy and calm.

  • It improves your concentration and attention span. Painting by numbers requires you to pay attention to details and follow instructions. It also enhances your memory and cognitive skills, as you have to remember the colors and numbers.

  • It boosts your creativity and confidence. Painting by numbers allows you to express yourself through art and discover your own style. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride when you finish your painting.

  • It enhances your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Painting by numbers involves using a brush to paint small areas on the canvas. This helps you develop your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are essential for everyday tasks.

  • It is fun and enjoyable. Painting by numbers is a great way to spend your free time and have fun with yourself or with others. You can also share your paintings online or offline and get feedback and appreciation from others.

As you can see, painting by numbers is more than just a hobby. It is a way to improve your mental and physical health, unleash your creativity, and have fun at the same time.

How to download painting by numbers for free

Download painting by numbers app for Android and iOS

Best sites to download painting by numbers kits online

Download painting by numbers patterns for beginners

Download painting by numbers software for PC and Mac

Download painting by numbers templates for kids

Download painting by numbers books and magazines

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Download painting by numbers animals and nature

Download painting by numbers flowers and landscapes

Download painting by numbers abstract and modern art

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Download painting by numbers mandalas and geometric shapes

Download painting by numbers Disney and cartoon characters

Download painting by numbers Harry Potter and fantasy themes

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Download painting by numbers nautical and ocean themes

Download painting by numbers tropical and jungle themes

Download painting by numbers Paris and Eiffel Tower themes

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Download painting by numbers India and Taj Mahal themes

How to Download Painting by Numbers?

If you want to try painting by numbers, you have two options: you can buy a ready-made kit or you can download it online. Buying a kit is convenient and easy, but it can also be expensive and limited in terms of designs. Downloading painting by numbers online is cheaper and more flexible, as you can choose from thousands of designs and print them at home. Here are the steps to download painting by numbers:

Choose Your Favorite Design

The first step is to find a website that offers painting by numbers downloads. There are many websites that offer this service, but some of them are better than others. You should look for a website that has a large and diverse collection of designs, high-quality images, reasonable prices, and good customer reviews. Some examples of websites that meet these criteria are Paint with Number, Paint by Number: Coloring Game, and Canvas by Numbers. We will talk more about these websites later in this article.

Once you find a website that you like, you can browse through their catalog and choose your favorite design. You can filter the designs by category, difficulty level, size, style, and theme. You can also search for specific keywords or use the random option to get a surprise. Some websites also allow you to upload your own photo and turn it into a painting by numbers design.

Download the PDF File

After you select your design, you need to download the PDF file that contains the image and the color guide. The PDF file is usually sent to your email address after you complete the payment. The payment methods vary depending on the website, but most of them accept credit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies. The price of the download also depends on the website, but it is usually much cheaper than buying a kit.

The PDF file is usually formatted to fit an A4 paper size, but you can adjust it according to your preference. You can also choose the number of colors that you want to use for your painting. Some websites offer different options for the number of colors, such as 12, 24, or 36. The more colors you use, the more realistic and detailed your painting will be.

Print the Canvas and the Color Guide

The final step is to print the canvas and the color guide using your home printer. You should use a high-quality printer and paper to ensure the best results. You can also use a special canvas paper that mimics the texture and feel of a real canvas. You can find this paper online or in art supply stores.

You should print the canvas in black and white and the color guide in color. The canvas should have numbered sections that correspond to the colors in the guide. The color guide should have numbered squares that show the colors and their names or codes. You should also print a copy of the original image for reference.

How to Paint by Numbers?

Now that you have downloaded and printed your painting by numbers design, you are ready to start painting! Here are some tips on how to paint by numbers:

Prepare Your Workspace and Materials

Before you start painting, you should prepare your workspace and materials. You should choose a comfortable and well-lit place where you can paint without distractions or interruptions. You should also cover your table or desk with newspaper or plastic to protect it from spills or stains.

You should also gather all the materials tha


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