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Axel Young
Axel Young

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20070 ((FULL)) Full Version

I had been using the trial version for Adobe acrobat pro dc and really liked the feature where when i was using the program on my surface pro it automatically detected that i was using the microsoft pen and i could just write on the pdf's. I purchased the student version of the program and when i went to do the same thing and it did not work. I contacted your customer service and the person said the feature was not available on the version i purchased and that i would have to buy a subscription to get that feature. I only purchased the program because i really liked the auto feature for the pen. Is it possible to have your direct ink feature available in an update for students and teachers who are using your software and would really benefit for this feature?

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20070 Full Version

Download File:

I am sorry for the inconvenience you are facing. Can you share with us the acrobat version and the operating system you are using Also some sample PDFs with which you are facing this issue.

Where did the "auto detect pen hardware to enable markup" go? It was in preferences/commenting/making comments. Without this feature acrobat is worthless for commenting on a touch screen with a stylus. I can't imagine anyone would think it was a good idea to remove, hopefully it is just located somewhere else. Also note, STOP CHANGING the UI!!! This is the last issue I will ever try to resolve. I am sick of having to google how to undo new "features". In the future I will simply move on to a more consistent software.

If you open those files in Acrobat, and use the snapshot feature, then "control-a" to select everything, you will see differences in each one. In each case, on the right side, the app selects more than it should be selecting. For example, the sample with inset and color has a small band of white on the right side that is included in the selection that should not be. This was a bug in Acrobat 9. I was hoping to find this problem fixed in this version, but it is not. I only discovered this recently, because I started adding background color to my pages that I was exporting to acrobat from Indesign, and when I exported them, I noticed the uncolored band on the right. It is not a problem with the margins (all .25 in), and the gutter is zero. These are single page exports from Indesign, not facing pages. I suppose the problem could have its origins in some bug in Indesign.

kuyhAa.Me -Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20070 Full Version merupakan software yang dahulu nya bernama Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Kini nama itu diubah oleh adobe dengan Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Seperti yang telah di jelaskan sebelumnya di Adobe Acrobat reader DC. bahwa arti DC di sini adalah Document Cloud. Zaman memang sudah canggih, sehingga semua pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan office file akan dibuat mudah dengan intergrasi Cloud. 041b061a72


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