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720p Hd Tamil Movies The Story Of A Porn Filmmaker

Super Deluxe marked the filmmaker's second directorial stint after Aaranya Kaandam (2011). Later, Kumararaja officially announced this project in November 2016 under Aneedhi Kadhaigal. The filming process went on for more than a year, despite experiencing difficulties due to demonetisation, schedule commitments of the actors and technicians, and Tamil Film Producers Council strike. The film production finally wrapped up in June 2018, followed by a lengthy post-production phase. The film's score is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The cinematography was handled by P. S. Vinod and Nirav Shah, after P. C. Sreeram who initially worked on the film's first schedule, walked out of the project midway. Sathyaraj Natarajan has edited the film. The film used the themes of nostalgia, science-fiction, political incidents, and emotions, using color as an important storytelling device.

720p Hd Tamil Movies The Story Of A Porn Filmmaker

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The friends from the TV story are finally watching a porn film at the theatre. The film starts with a doctor speaking philosophically about the mysteries of life and patterns through the universe, with everything being interconnected in ways as yet unknown to us. He then says he will reveal some of those secrets to the audience now and winks. The nurse nearby blinks and starts to take her clothes off, as the porn film title shows its name Vaazhvin Ragasiyam ("The Secret of Life").

Super Deluxe opened to mostly positive critical reviews. On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an approval rating of 80% based on five reviews, with an average rating of 8.3/10.[72] Baradwaj Rangan in his review for Film Companion South, praised the director on how he had concentrated on both the larger structure of the story and also on the minute details. He stated, "This is an utterly unique film," and went on to say, "All of this would be little more than postmodern pranks if not for the film's magnificent design. This is not the first film to tell the story of three couples, but where earlier directors treated these stories like intimate domestic drama, Super Deluxe makes them something almost infinite, spanning the breadth of human (and other) existence".[73] Writing for The Hindu, Srivatsan S. called the film as a spiritual successor to Aaranya Kaandam and said, "No other filmmaker has probably romanticized the Tamil cinema universe with pop culture references as much as Kumararaja [...] If Super Deluxe is what you get from a filmmaker who was in exile, then you don't mind waiting a few years from now till he comes up with his next eccentric film."[74] M Suganth, in his review for The Times of India, gave 4 (out of 5) stars and wrote, "There is black comedy, double entendres, swear words, WTF moments, political and social commentary, romance, sentiment and even a musing on what it means to be life on Earth. There is ambition, genius, and also a beating heart."[75]

Rachel Saltz of The New York Times said, "Kumararaja's work is stylish and wry, with an indie-cinephile sensibility. Part of that sensibility is a frankness about sex that's still unusual in Indian movies, especially commercial ones. Though nothing explicit is shown, all the story lines in Super Deluxe have a little sexual motor, and there's plenty of frank, off-color language, too."[87] Ranjani Krishnakumar of Huffington Post said, "Super Deluxe is a delicately intelligent commentary on modern life with such powerful writing and artful filmmaking." However, she added, "The biggest strength of Super Deluxe, is the characters. Despite the many interesting characters (and excellent actors) that share screen space, we understand and empathise with them[...] Kumararaja packs so much into so little time that we walk away feeling like we know these people, even if we don't really like all of them."[88] Joe Leydon of Variety Magazine said, "Thiagarajan Kumararaja's unstable mix of dark comedy, brutal thriller and Douglas Sirk-ian melodrama is shamelessly excessive but undeniably entertaining". He further wrote, "There can be no denying that Super Deluxe has more than its share of draggy sections where the passage of time and the escalation of humiliation make themselves uncomfortably felt. Ultimately, however, the sheer chutzpah of the film, and the dedicatedly in-sync performance by the cast, are enough to keep audiences appreciatively absorbed."[89] Sarath Ramesh Kuniyl of The Week said, "Super Deluxe makes you question what man often takes for granted. Be it sexuality, God or relationships. And it doesn't provide you the answers on a platter. It is for you to find out." He further called the film as a "comeback of epic proportions for the gifted filmmaker."[90] Critics Thomas McNulty and Merrick Sinclair of Hollywood Insider said, "Super Deluxe is a masterfully put together web of storylines. Each plot is unique and interesting in its own way, so the audience is never bored. With expert acting, beautiful cinematography, and a non-stop story, Super Deluxe transcends language barriers and is enjoyable by all audiences."[91]


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