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Ticket to Ride - Europe: A Guide to Buying and Playing the Online Board Game

The ticket is the part of your Pass that the ticket inspectors will check. In most countries, the ticket inspector will visually check the details on your ticket, including the journey information you added, while in some other countries, the ticket inspector will scan the barcode and visually check the journey information.

Ticket to Ride - Europe Activation Code


You can also use the barcode on your ticket to open platform gates in some countries. At present, platform gates can be opened with the barcode in France (TER gates only), Italy, and the Netherlands.

To get a ticket, you need to add your journeys to your Pass from My Trip. You will then find your tickets in My Pass. Choose the Pass you're travelling with, then tap on a travel day and tap 'Show ticket'. Your ticket contains a barcode, your Pass details, and your journey information for that day.

In most countries the ticket inspector will visually check the details on your ticket, including the journey information you added, so make sure to add the right journeys. In some countries the ticket inspector will scan the barcode and visually check the journey information. The ticket inspector may also ask to see your passport or ID card to verify that the Pass is yours.

An electronic or e-ticket is the newest reservation confirmation for booking trains in Italy. This is exclusively available on trains that originated within Italy. Upon completing an e-tickets booking, you will receive only an email confirmation of your train journey instead of the printed and shipped tickets. This email will include the booking confirmation code referred to as a "PNR", and the booking change code. This confirmation PNR will also include specific train information, like the date, time, number of passengers, fare code and rules.

An e-ticket will either allow you to travel "ticketless", boarding the train with only the PNR code, or it will require you to print a ticket upon departure at the self service machine at the train station. In general, high speed trains will be ticketless and the regional, overnight, and cross-border trains will require you to print and validate your ticket before boarding your train for departure. Pay close attention to your email confirmation, as the specific requirements of your train tickets are included.

Activation is easy. Use Eurail's Rail Planner app to activate a digital pass by adding your pass to the app, then entering your activation date. (If you have a Swiss pass or BritRail pass, check for activation instructions when you receive your digital pass.) All train trips and nontrain bonuses (covered or discounted boats, buses, and high-mountain rides) must be started and finished within the valid life of your rail pass.

If you have a printed pass, you'll need to present it in person to a ticket agent at a European train station. The ticket agent (not you) writes in your passport number, and the first and last dates of your travel period, and stamps the activation box on the far right. (Don't write anything on your rail pass before it's been activated.)

Enter trip details as you go, and (for flexipasses) keep an eye on your use of travel days. Before boarding any train with a digital pass, you'll need to select the specific journey you're taking in the Rail Planner app (which includes a train schedule search function). As you plan your train travel, you can save any trains you're thinking you might take to "My Trip" part of the app; once you've decided on the next train you'll use your pass for, choose that departure from the options you've saved, and tie that departure to your pass before boarding the train. The app generates a barcode that the ticket inspector will scan (not the same as a seat reservation).

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Venice > Localtransportation > AVM Venezia appAVM Venezia AppYou can now purchase and use vaporetto, bus, and tram tickets--includingtourist passes--with your smartphone. But be aware of the hassles before youbuy.ABOVE: The QR-code scanner on the left is supposed to workwith your smartphone, while the "swipe and beep" ticket reader on the right is designed for papertickets and plastic cards with embedded chips.ByDurantImbodenThe ACTV, Venice's transitagency, offers an app for Android and iOS that lets you buy vaporetto, tram,or transit tickets and passes with your smartphone. You validate your fare by holding a QR code on your phone next toan electronic scanner each time you travel. (The app can also be used to pay for parking atfacilities operated by AVM, the transit agency's parent company.)


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