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How Rema and Carter Efe Made 30BG Anthem - The Story Behind the Music (Download Link Included)

30bg Anthem Download Music: How to Enjoy the Latest Hit from Carter Efe and Rema

If you are a fan of Nigerian music, you have probably heard of the 30bg Anthem, a thrilling song by Carter Efe featuring Rema. This song has been making waves on social media and streaming platforms since its release in June 2023. But what is the meaning behind the song title, and how can you download and enjoy this music? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

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What is 30bg Anthem?

The 30bg Anthem is a song that celebrates the lifestyle and success of the 30 Billion Gang, a group of Nigerian musicians, artists, and fans who are affiliated with Davido, one of the most influential afrobeat stars in Africa and beyond.

The meaning of 30bg

The term 30bg stands for 30 Billion Gang, which was inspired by a line from Davido's hit song "If" in 2019. The line says "30 billion for the account o", which refers to the huge amount of money that Davido and his crew have in their bank accounts. The term became a slogan for Davido's fans and followers, who also aspire to achieve wealth and fame through their talents and hard work.

The collaboration of Carter Efe and Rema

Carter Efe is a Nigerian skit maker, content creator, singer-songwriter, and social media personality who rose to fame through his hilarious videos on Instagram and YouTube. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is also known for his catchy songs such as "Omo Ologo", "Bless Me", and "Ginger Me".

Rema is a Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter who is signed to Mavin Records and Jonzing World. He is one of the most promising young artists in Nigeria, with several hit songs such as "Dumebi", "Iron Man", "Woman", and "Bounce". He has won several awards, including the Next Rated award at The Headies in 2019, the Best New Act at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2020, and the Best International Act at the BET Awards in 2021.

The collaboration between Carter Efe and Rema on the 30bg Anthem was a surprise to many fans, as they did not expect such a powerful duo. The song was produced by London, a Nigerian record producer who has worked with artists such as Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, and Olamide. The song was released on June 20, 2023, on all major streaming platforms.

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Why is 30bg Anthem so popular?

The 30bg Anthem has become one of the most popular songs in Nigeria and across Africa for several reasons.

The catchy lyrics and melody

The song has a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase "30 billion gang" several times, making it easy to sing along and remember. The verses are also full of witty lines and rhymes that showcase the skills and confidence of Carter Efe and Rema. The melody is upbeat and energetic, with a blend of afrobeat, pop, and hip-hop elements that create a unique sound.

The influence of Davido and the Nigerian music industry

The song also benefits from the influence and support of Davido, who is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian music industry and beyond. Davido has endorsed the song on his social media platforms, and has also featured Carter Efe and Rema on his live shows and concerts. Davido is also the founder and leader of the 30 Billion Gang, which gives the song more credibility and relevance. The Nigerian music industry is also one of the most vibrant and influential in Africa, with a large fan base and a global reach. The 30bg Anthem reflects the culture and spirit of the Nigerian music scene, which is known for its creativity, diversity, and excellence.

How to download 30bg Anthem music?

If you want to download the 30bg Anthem music, you have several options to choose from. However, you should always be mindful of the legal and ethical implications of downloading music online.

The legal and ethical ways to download music

Downloading music online can be a tricky issue, as there are many factors to consider, such as the rights of the artists, the quality of the music, and the safety of your devices. The best way to download music legally and ethically is to use authorized platforms and websites that have the permission and license to distribute the music. These platforms and websites usually charge a fee or require a subscription to access their content, but they also offer many benefits, such as high-quality audio, unlimited downloads, offline access, and customer support. Some examples of these platforms and websites are Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Audiomack.

The best platforms and websites to download 30bg Anthem

Among the authorized platforms and websites that offer 30bg Anthem music, we recommend the following ones based on their features and popularity:





- Over 70 million songs and podcasts- Personalized recommendations and playlists- Offline mode- Ad-free listening- High-quality audio

- Free (with ads and limited skips)- Premium: $9.99/month (individual), $12.99/month (duo), $14.99/month (family), $4.99/month (student)

Apple Music

- Over 75 million songs and radio stations- Exclusive content and live events- Offline mode- Ad-free listening- High-quality audio- Integration with Apple devices

- Free trial for 3 months- Individual: $9.99/month- Family: $14.99/month- Student: $4.99/month

YouTube Music

- Over 70 million songs and videos- Personalized recommendations and playlists- Offline mode- Ad-free listening- High-quality audio- Background play

- Free (with ads)- Premium: $9.99/month (individual), $14.99/month (family), $4.99/month (student)


- Over 10 million songs and podcasts- Trending and emerging artists- Offline mode- Ad-free listening- High-quality audio

- Free (with ads)- Premium: $4.99/month (individual), $9.99/month (family)

To download 30bg Anthem music from these platforms and websites, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create an account or sign in with your existing account.

  • Search for 30bg Anthem by Carter Efe featuring Rema.

  • Select the song and click on the download button or icon.

  • Choose the quality and format of the download.

  • Wait for the download to finish and enjoy the music.

How to enjoy 30bg Anthem music?

Once you have downloaded 30bg Anthem music, you can enjoy it in many ways. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of this song:

The best devices and speakers to listen to music

To enjoy 30bg Anthem music, you need to have a good device and speaker that can deliver clear and crisp sound. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer as your device, but make sure that it has enough storage space and battery life. You can also use headphones or earphones if you want a more personal and immersive experience. However, if you want to share the music with others or create a party atmosphere, you need to have a good speaker that can produce loud and powerful sound. You can choose from different types of speakers, such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers, soundbars, or home theater systems. Some of the best speakers for listening to music are Bose SoundLink Revolve+, Sonos One, JBL Flip 5, Sony HT-X8500, and Samsung HW-Q950A.

The best occasions and moods to play 30bg Anthem

30bg Anthem is a song that can suit different occasions and moods, depending on how you want to enjoy it. Here are some suggestions on when and how to play 30bg Anthem:

  • If you want to feel motivated and inspired, you can play 30bg Anthem in the morning or before starting your day. The song will remind you of your goals and dreams, and encourage you to work hard and smart to achieve them.

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