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Download Firebug For Firefox 16.0.2

In November 2011, ZDNet performance benchmark tested Google Chrome 17, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 10.0.2, Opera 11.52, and Safari 5.1.2 on Windows 7. The tests measured Java, JavaScript, HTML5, DOM, CSS3, and WebGL. ZDNet compared browsers' performance using mobile web pages and basic business web apps. They tested startup time and page load time and determined that Firefox was strong at startup and weak at load speed. [296]

download firebug for firefox 16.0.2

In July 2012, TechRepublic tested Google Chrome 24, Firefox 15, and Opera 12.02 and determined that Firefox was slightly better. However, it was determined that Opera was better than Chrome. [297]

In May 2013, The Web Developer tested the "Basic" installation of Firefox 20 and determined that the basic edition was the best option for those who used the basic edition of Firefox. [299]

In September 2013, Facebook announced Firefox 17. "Introducing Firefox 17: new site themes, better tabs and more, all aimed at connecting you with the web in a better way.", which just released a completely new design for its users. "We decided to give our users a fresh new look to help better highlight their web browsing experience. Firefox 17 will bring a fresh new look to your web browsing. Our UI design team has worked with the Firefox product team to bring you an experience that is lightweight and fast and that makes you feel more connected to the web. The sleek, clean UI gives you more room to browse, more open space to explore, and a better experience." [300]


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