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When Nobody Belives In You You Lost Again Agian A

How blessed is the tie that binds / Our hearts in lasting love, / The comradeship of kindred minds / Is like to that above. / So when at last we have to part / In sorrow and in pain, / We know we still are joined in heart / Until we meet again.

When Nobody Belives In You You Lost Again Agian A

As the sun sinks in the west / Darkness soon will come. / We are weary of work and long for rest, / So we turn our steps towards home. / Night's soon over, then another day, / Time to work again arrives so soon. / As we walk another mile of our way, / We become weary already at noon. / But when our work on earth is done, / There will be an endless resting day. / When we have seen the last set of the sun / And have walked the last mile of the way. / We will rest up in Heaven with Jesus our King / In that land of the unsetting sun. / We only our praises to Jesus will bring, / And all other work will be done.

it makes me sick to think about these researchers torturing poor animals for the sake of this stupid study. shame on them. any normal human knows instinctively that separation from a mother hurts, that painful stimuli is. duh, painful. that love lost physically hurts. again, shame on them for hurting innocent animals for this stupid study

my boyfriend and I have both in ways betrayed each other in our past relationship. we were together for 3 years and had a child together. she is now 10 months old and we broke up a month ago. it has been really hard for me to move on from the relationship that we were in even though it was so incredibly painful at times. I felt pain in my chest and stomach every day for at least 2 years and now that we are broken up I still feel it. the pain has gone down greatly but when he comes over to see our daughter I sometime feel my chest and stomach aching terribly. part of me wants to run back to him when it hurts so badly and another part of me wishes I never would have to see him again.

Very beautiful sermon on grief and dealing with loss. Sermons like this and the ones by Keion Henderson have really been helpful to me when I lost my son years back. The pain will always be there, but the strength to endure and accept it is what keeps me going.

I wrote the letter to my wife: My dear love,98 days have passed since you pass away.You died alone unexpectedly and I found it when I came home from my office. Thw whole world got broken in the moment I saw you. I hold you and keep crying for many hours till they took you to the funeral parlor. I miss you all the time! I cry every day, I feel tht I have lost my soul. As long as I am alive, we can no longer get together and can no longer care for each other any more! I pray to God to take care of you, protect you, guide you. And I pray to God to take me as soon as possible and let us see each other again!

My husband committed suicide in August this year after being in state of depression. He got himself high with alcohol and drugs before be he did it. I was not with him when this happened. I love him so much i felt like my he took my breath away and making me live without letting me breath. I cried at first a lot and then i stopped. Even times when i felt like crying i wont let it out. I promised myself I will not cry and keep that pain inside me as long as I live. I started to get used to it and felt okay thinking that he is always with me and i am with him connected to this pain. Until one of his old friend messaged me today. We havent met but he had mentioned her before in our conversations. She told me.that my husband was in her dreams and want her to tell me that he loved me and he is happy. He wants me to be happy and let go of the depressed state. That made me happy that he he said he love me but it broke my heart it all became too real again. The fact that i have to let go scares me it is even deeper pain. I want to miss him and love him and maybe meet again if possible. I dont know how to. I dont want to forget him and i want to know if he is listening and if he is okay. I just dont know how to accept that i have to let go of pain and live without pain. In last 4 years, i have lost my grandfather, my mom, my dad and now my husband. Pain is all i have that defines me and thats all that comes out of me.

I Lost my dad to cancer at the age of 11, it was extremely painful but i feel because i was young i didnt really understand the true meaning of death(that i would never see him again),i am now 30 and cant remember his face unless i look at pictures.Last year November i lost my Mum to cancer and im struggling to let her go because i fear if i let go i wont be able to picture her face or smile..My mums death has broken me inside,she was my best friend.I feel empty and angry because she was only 57. Most days i cant believe she is gone and i get angry when people expect me to let her go..i look at daughter who are my age or older that have their mothers and i envy them. I keep replaying her last 2months of her life from the day we found out she had cancer,even though this causes me pain its the only memories that i think about..WHY did she have to die so soon..I honestly hate life and feel those who die are lucky..

I lost my darling boyfriend in September of 2016. He was alive for two short months after a diagnosis of Melanoma. I took a leave and was able to care for him at home. We were happy, deeply in love, and had lived together for 8 wonderful years. He was 62 when he died.

9/11 was a day of tragedy that could have united the world against terrorism. Instead, it was used as a power grab in every sense. Now more than ever, I understand just how precious our freedoms and protections are. The American people lost far more than innocence on 9/11. Amber - ID

We have killed hundreds of times move human beings in our unjust wards against afghanistan and iraq, than were hurt here in 9/11. Why are the numbers never reported on fox news or even pbs? That is no way to strengthen our true security, when we just create more generations of terrorists who hate us. Donald - CA

I'm sorry we have to be herded into our Owners formations like this. Today I will go attempt to get people attending a 9/11 disclosures - against the outside invasion doctrine - to register in Peace and Freedom Party, which works to build socialist struggle. Because of Proposition 14 we will be knocked off the ballot if we don't double our registration by 2013. This at a time when we are working to put together efforts to get socialism onto ballots throughout the U.S. Jack - CA

I stand up for the constitution when it comes under attack from right wing extremists like the tea party who want to distort and modify the constitution. Race and religion should not be discriminated against under the Consitiution, whether it be a tea party republican, or an everyday American. Discrimination and racism is totally unacceptable under the Consitiution of the United States. Jerry - AR

Thank you for taking this stand for freedom and upholding the Constitution. Yes, I have been fighting for 7 years to be heard about the sex offender laws and retroactivity of laws that is applied to them. My son was 17 years old when he was charged with sex crimes while dating his girlfriend. These laws HAVE GOT TO STOP! Too many people are being locked up and added new laws to their sentences. The registry is a TOTAL violation of our Constitution! These people have no way to work, live with their families or find housing. They can not be buried in some cemeteries, get unemployment benefits or go to social events after incarceration like other felons. Please help fight for the rights of ALL people! Thank you again! Kimberly - IN

As we mourn the loss of life sustained on Sept. 11, 2001, let us all unite to fight the loss of freedom so many have endured in the past ten years. We must regain those lost freedoms and fight to never lose them again! Laura - CA

How wonderful and timely to receive Anthony's email. As a first generation Sikh immigrant who witnessed the first post 9-11 murder of an innocent Sikh American with shock, horror and fear that we would repeat what was done to Japanese Americans during WWII, I am grateful EVERY DAY for the ACLU. The unprecedented violations that began under the Bush Administration, and many that continue under the Obama Administration, would largely go unchecked and unchallenged, but for the ACLU. Attacks on the immigrant community would largely go unchecked and unchallenged, but for the ACLU. The assault on women's reproductive rights (and in some corners on women's equality) would largely go unchecked and unchallenged, but for the ACLU. Discrimination against persons of color, the LGBT community, the disabled, and poor people would largely go unchecked and unchallenged, but for the ACLU. The continued (ridicuolous and misplaced) "fight" against crime and war on drugs (i.e. war on people of color) would largely go unchecked and unchallenged, but for the ACLU. The right to speech and assembly (even by those hated among us on the far right or far left) would be abridged, but for the ACLU. 9-11 is a time to mourn those who were lost but more importantly to revere those who fight every day, in every party of this great land, to protect our Constitution. Once again, I will be thanking the ACLU. Maganendra - CA

Every day we see items in the news that inspire gut reactions of outrage. The trouble is that we too often do not take the time to think about news and by thinking I mean critical thinking. A good example was when President Obama publicly spoke out upon hearing of the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates for disorderly conduct. But at least he recognized his blunder and made amends. Can that be said of many in the news commentary business that fight over being the first to give their gut reactions to things that they know very little about, like the recent killing spree in Norway. When the news first broke there was immediate blame placed on Al Qaeda, Muslim extremists, and jihadis in general. How wrong they were. The same thing happened in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing--it must have been Muslims. Wrong again. I am constantly getting emails that have gone through many generations of forwarding, all expressing outrage over one thing or another, but what they all have in common is a lack of examination of the facts. It rarely takes me long to verify the lack of veracity or the twisting of facts from these largely anonymous articles. But these emails just keep going around long after the lies have been exposed. What is wrong with America is just what Adolph Hitler recognized as his power base when he said "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." Far too many of us fail to think critically about what happens around us each day. Because of that we, or the people we elect to represent us, give support to laws that pass to "get tough on crime" only to discover the unintended consequences that come back to bite them. 9/11 scared us, but was our collective gut reaction appropriate? Are we happy with the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are we happy with the way the Patriot Act has curtailed many of our freedoms? Were our leaders using critical thinking skills when they took these measures to "Protect our National interests?" Or were they just counting on the people not thinking so that they could pursue some hidden agenda? Of course, I am not suggesting that our leaders have nothing but the highest respect for the people who elected them. Now, what do you think? And take your time thinking, don't just react. Mark - MT 041b061a72


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