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Jason Hinterweger
Jason Hinterweger

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder Buy Online

Ben Nye's Bella Luxury Banana Powder gives you more than enough reason to go bananas for this silky fine, mattifying translucent setting powder! With just a hint of color, you won't miss the white cast in your photos that often comes with other finishing powders.

ben nye banana luxury powder buy online

I have recently found out about the Ben-Nye Luxury powder to one of my trusted legit online cosmetics shop on Instagram (shop link below), and started to read reviews that came up with piles of positive comments and will definitely recommend remarks.

Ben Nye is a professional makeup company, often used by actors, actresses, and makeup professionals. You can find it online and in costume stores that specialize in theatrical makeup. Ben Nye banana powder is but one of its many powders. It is most commonly used as a setting powder, but there are lots of other uses for it too. Although effective, Ben Nye banana powder is not for everyone. 041b061a72


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