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Jason Hinterweger

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George: It is not China essentially that is commanding the manufacturing. It is our corporations and their management that have chosen to move manufacturing to China from here to maximize profits. The elite in China and the elite here see eye to eye and share the pie.

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You claim a deep understanding of the Chinese government workings and structure. Despite the lower rate of manufacturing here the governments operate very similarly and neither have much regard for the rights or well-being of their own citizens. I think government reaction to the financial meltdown with a bailout at public expense illustrates my point. As an American looking hard at the Chinese government with dread and considering the direction of my own I sometimes feel I'm looking into a mirror.

George: Sam Walton is dead and Walmart is exploitative of its employees. Today our financial leaders have proven themselves as bad or worse than any generation of Chinese leaders with there financial terrorist attack and robbery of the American people. Our worst and most immediate enemy is in New York and Washington, not Beijing. 10-19-08 supercedes 9-11-01 in its infamy and deceit. It indicates the same elites probably had a hand in 9-11. You may go on like an obsessive harping about China as we prepare to default on our debt to their government, but whoever is elected will raise your taxes and cut your entitlements as the value of the dollar falls. You don't pay taxes to China, at least not yet. By the way, have you seen any lasts for sale in antique stores. You and I might be cobbling our own shoes (made from dog hide) before too long.( Actually, I don't dread doing skilled labor.) Forget China, we can do without the I-pods and dishpans.Me fears you too much optimistic in conquering the Center Place. Good night and good morning.

Your ideology matches that of present day Russia very well, George. Solzhenitsyn has been rehabilitated, and since you talk like his Ivan Denisovitch I think you'd be content there. There are many contract jobs for westerners, and with the guile of Tony Soprano, you could soon achieve dondom.

Right now in Argentina there is a movement where industries closed by engineered financial failure have been resurrected and successfully operated by the former employees. With so much closed down across our nation the physical plants and some of the tools and machinery remain. Wouldn't it be good if we had a government (or other entity) loan bank to initiate co-operatives and worker owned and managed industries? I think organic foodstuffs, durable shoes and clothing, electric vehicles and other indispensable items from such sources would be in great demand. If price point were a problem we could resort to protective tariffs to keep out the landfill bait. With a universal living wage all would have similar rights and responsibilities. I wish fervently, more than anything, that I could see the maids owning the motels and nutritious quick food dispensed by proud local communes before I die (within a decade). Now, while the economy is in flux, is the opportunity to make such humane changes. We must move quickly before the skills and expertise of the older idle population are lost to ageing and death. No one will work more conscientiously than a part owner living in equal solidarity with her/his partners. Don't wake up and smell the coffee; wake up and brew it!

So the first thing we have to do is make more money--real money. This is done through manufacturing. American consumers, by learning to look at the true, long-term cost of consumer goods, can modify their buying habits and start creating more demand for American-made products and, therefore, American factories and jobs.

George: I couldn't agree more with your (Sept. 17-2;14pm) last post about manufacturing being the basis of our economy. It's just difficult now to separate our economy out from the others in global exchange. There was a time before about 1970 when the economy had a rough equivalence with the nation state, but there is decreasing correspondence over time. This is due to trade agreements and new business models. It has little to do with the choices workers, trade associations or unions have made. Those with control of the money made the rules to help them accumulate more.

George, you may run into some business serving economists who flatter us by saying Americans are upper middle class in the world scheme, that our working class is now in Haiti, South Africa, the Marianas, India, Mexico, also China and so on. They say Ahmeerikans should invest in stocks, mutual funds and other instruments to ride the economic wave of privilege. Even if investment had not become so scary recently, the majority of Ahmeerikan households have no net worth to speak of, and inadequate income to do any meaningful investing, It is a lucky minority who had even 30K in a company controlled retirement account or IRA. Many of these woke up to 22K this morning after a 25% loss due to the well founded panic. The truth is we live in a world, and a country, where 90% must push so that 10% can ride. You are so right about vital manufacturing under the current capitalist system. It don't just pay the freight: It ultimately is the freight train of the entire economy. Traded paper, however confused and corrupt, would lack even the paper it's printed on without labor provision of the staples of daily life. (And you can't eat gold.)

By wanting you to share his joy at watching a video on You Tube George Crainovich has raised many issues, issues that a 9/11 type cover-up will never answer. All money value comes from labor, George. I'm not really decided whether what I do for Goldman Sachs is labor, but they deposit a check biweekly. I do know that people who grow food and make the tools of our daily life are laboring whether they be here or off-shore. The "bail-out gamblers" are playing with what individual laborers produce without the producer having any input. I don't believe individuals gain input by patterning their feeble shopping. Having been part of an organization that hauls retirees to the store I have seen a consensus for Walmart many times. Their rational choices and incomes are limited.

I've never been one to fall for the idea that capitalistic competition is paramount to the point that it should override common sense. When I told George about my can of peas I was serious. Round sweet peas grown in Canada were harvested by imported farm labor and shipped to China for canning. Then they returned on a container ship to us hungry Ahmeerikans. I ask everyone this: When people get too sorry to produce their own nutritious food where they can see it and make decisions about it, what hope is there for these sorry people? But after they consider I add this query: "Do these people retain the freedom to produce their own foodstuffs domestically?"If they don't, then global capitalism is highly irrational, dangerous to itself and others, and must be remanded to asylum.Our failure to take control of our own labor is the greatest moral hazard. (I have regulatory and reform proposals too complex to discuss here.)

Geoprge asserts we can all buy everything American, maybe on the Internet he says. My next door neighbor has a sign on his vehicle "Buy American For More Jobs Here." He's a veteran, almost 90. His vehicle is an import made by Mazda in South Korea, so much for contradictions. George and the neighbor are self-deceived like those who chant "Drill here; Drill now." All commodities go to the highest bidder, even domestic petroleum, and the dribble Ahmeerika could produce from deep precarious offshore wells would barely affect the worldwide market volume or price when it would become available about 2017. OPEC could cut production slightly just to maintain price as they have recently done in this recession. The same is true of other commodities traded by cartels, So we are to sacrifice clean beaches and sea life, as well as investment capital for the benefit of giant corporations, their wealthy management and wealthy investors.

To say that "nothing is made here" is silly and untrue. Either you support the United States and our ethical, reciprocal trading partners or you support the People's Republic of China. If you've honestly tried and still can't find American-made or non-Chinese goods, there are plenty of books and websites to help.

George Krainovich: How does one buy Ahmeerikan (Empress Sarah's pronunciation) when nothing is made here? Most of our jobs are predatory schemes. What have you made lately? How do you support yourself?There are no Ahmeerikan cars, no Ahmeerikan TVs (If you retain one it's dookie in February.). My last can of peas from the grocery was (canned) made in China. We are not entitled to ask where our produce is grown. Bush suggests Mexican drivers tow in our modular shacks.It's easy to get buried in the past. Maybe a better suggestion is to boycott the offending enterprises selectively until they see our point. Would that be a. syndicalism b. anarchismc.communism d. common sense???????????????????????????

Where has Big Labor gone to?To jail, with the Mobsters , Who controlled them, and the corrupt politicans who take millions from them. Its not about jobs, its about money and power!Unions were once a proud group of workers, who wanted fair treatment and a better wage, so when a Union worker went home and looked at his or her family in the eye, he or she felt pride and the American spirit!Now, its a power grab, corruption, NAFTA, lies and jobs going over seas! What happened? You can blame both sides but who is really to blame? POWER!

David, Thank you for your well stated response. It all depends upon what each person considers appropriate.Maybe if you choose a career right for you, and each woman considers one right for her things will work out. There is a structural fairness problem though that dogs our freedom. Women have often been categorized into jobs they find OK, but then the women's categories are routinely lower paid despite relative importance. Also, when I stayed at home with kids I often worked part time and/or went to college classes, so I understand that hardship. We are in a time where most of our families are experiencing hardship. In many cases, if Mom stays home, the family goes under economcally. So how can you blame people who have no choice? They're on a highwire with no safety net and you're throwing tomatoes. 041b061a72


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