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Zune Software Version 2.5 HOT! Download ((BETTER))

If you are unsure of what changes you made to the software since the last version control update, you can use the Local History utility to visualize the changes that were made. This feature is very useful for backtracking.

Zune Software Version 2.5 HOT! Download

Hot and fresh, the Zune 4 .8 update is out with support for the new generation of Windows Phone 7.5 (a.k.a. Mango) phones, and bumps up the number of supported languages in the software to 22 languages. The software is available to download in 39 countries, but the confusing array of international availability hasn't been remedied much in this release. There were signs a few weeks ago of the Marketplace expanding to countries beyond US and Western Europe but they're conspicuously absent in this release (although they should still be coming soon). Also added is 48-hour movie rentals, a streamlined update and sync/backup experience, and an option to see what apps are compatible with your phone before you buy them. In all a relatively minor update but certainly welcome to Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" users.

I noticed that in the Patch Tuesday update - which I happen to be installing today - there's an update for the Zune desktop software. There's no information about what this update brings to the table that I can find - anyone know what's new? It's still version 4.7, so I suspect the changes are minor...

Today is Windows Phone 7 launch day, and as such, there's a new Zune desktop client ready for you to download; it's version 4.7, and it brings with it a lot of user interface tweaks. I've just installed it and am checking it out now...and I'm seeing more than a few ugly surprises. Here's the official word from the Zune's PR people:

In support of the forthcoming availability of Windows Phone 7, we are beginning to roll out the updated Zune PC software (version 4.7) today. Zune PC software will be available to download for free from By having access to the software now, consumers around the world can familiarize themselves with all that Zune has to offer and get ready for Windows Phone 7.

Additionally, customers in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will also be able to use the Zune software to access the Zune Marketplace - a one stop shop for music, videos and more. Customers in the UK, France, Italy and Spain will also be able to subscribe to Zune Pass for 8.99/9.99 to get unlimited downloads and streaming access to the Zune music catalogue using the Zune PC software.

"Now that the dust has settled on Microsoft's impressive, if not quite revolutionary, Zune 3.0 update, it's time for us all to do what we do best: start demanding a new version of desktop and player software -- and a hardware refresh, of course -- chock-full of features that we've been asking for since day one, and a few things we dreamed up along the way. Pick your top-priority from the poll below, or just go nuts in the comments -- the floor is yours."

Zune 3.0 has arrived! You should already know what's new and improved, but in case you don't, here's the lowdown. On the desktop side, there's Mixview, Just for You, Now Playing, rich search functionality, and enhanced social features. On the device side, you can now access the Zune Marketplace wirelessly, plus enjoy Buy from FM, Zune Channels, games (Texas Hold 'Em and Hexic), audiobooks, and a clock. To download the Zune 3.0 software, simply visit, or if you already have the Zune software installed, run it and wait for the update prompt. Once you have the Zune 3.0 software up and running, connect your Zune to download and install the 3.0 firmware.

Notice that I've got IE8 on 64-bit Windows. However, there's other stuff in there, like I have the Zune software, I have Media Center enabled, and I've got three versions of the .NET Framework. In this example, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5.

Secondly, I think your review is a little biased based on ipod developed habits. The latest itunes software(which is spreadsheet like), actually stole some from zune. If that software is ugly then itunes looks like my ashy knuckles (not pretty)

Janet,As has been pointed out by others and ignored by you the very first step of the setup proceedure is to download and install the software. When you pluged it in and tried to install drivers, YOU broke it. If you had followed the simple instructions you would not have had any of the problems you encountered.

I say you should update your computer, forget about all the IPod nazi products, and actually look at the device instead of your own personal problems with the software and the zune not being an itouch.

Zune Marketplace is the software and online music store portion of Microsoft's low-key effort to beat the Apple iPod leviathan. It works only with Zune MP3 players, such the Zune 120GB, which currently wears our Editors' Choice crown. Since the last time we reviewed Zune Marketplace at the end of 2007, it has seen two major updates. Version 2.5 added TV episodes, gapless playback, and Auto Playlists, and it also integrated social networking more tightly into the Player software. Version 3.0, which was just released in September, added a new Channels feature that automatically discovers and downloads new music for Zune Pass subscribers. It also packs in a Now Playing screen with improved artist graphics, a type-ahead feature for the Search box, a basic recommendation engine called Picks, and a manual sync mode for Zune players. It's an impressive upgrade that adds useful functionality to the service—but as with past updates, it's still not enough to bring dedicated iPod users into the fold. \n

The JPEG format is widely supported by players. Some players, like the iPod series, provide compatibility to display additional file formats like GIF, PNG, and TIFF, while others are bundled with conversion software.

Content is placed on DAPs typically through a process called "syncing", by connecting the device to a personal computer, typically via USB, and running any special software that is often provided with the DAP on a CD-ROM included with the device, or downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Some devices simply appear as an additional disk drive on the host computer, to which music files are simply copied like any other type of file. Other devices, most notably the Apple iPod or Microsoft Zune, requires the use of special management software, such as iTunes or Zune Software, respectively. The music, or other content such as TV episodes or movies, is added to the software to create a "library". The library is then "synced" to the DAP via the software. The software typically provides options for managing situations when the library is too large to fit on the device being synced to. Such options include allowing manual syncing, in that the user can manually "drag-n-drop" the desired tracks to the device, or allow for the creation of playlists. In addition to the USB connection, some of the more advanced units are now starting to allow syncing through a wireless connection, such as via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.[74]

Extract your downloaded Alien Game. Double-click on the AlienGame.sln file and it will open inside Visual C#. With your new project open, press the F5 key to launch the program to your zune (wait as the file loads onto your zune device, see your zune display for file upload progress)

When exiting, the zune really reboots to ensure that all used memory for running the game is really flushed out and optimal performance is not compromised. If you want to download more games, try the ZuneBoards forums. Enjoy!

Also a fan of podcasts since it came with the software update. I always download and listen to audio podcasts from TWiT, CrankyGeeks by Dvorak and some NPR feeds. I also put the large screen of the zune to good use by downloading video podcasts from National Geographic,, Tekzilla, and some G4TV podcasts like Attack of the Show, The Feed and Around the Net. Just started subscribing to Budget Traveler by Arthur Frommers.

[NOTE: copy and paste full links below or else they won't work.]As recent versions of XMedia Recoder seem to have issues in Windows XP, I was looking for the earlier stables -- webfork recommended v2.3.2.0 ( =1443#comment23316) and rodger123 recommended v2.3.0.4 ( =1443#comment23637).Mark-B posted ( =1443#comment23317) a link to, where previous versions could supposedly be downloaded, but the earliest version there is v3.1.3.7 (December 2012), while the latest v2.x.x.x listed is the much earlier v2.3.3.3 (May 2011).Any further download links appreciated... ?:)

XMedia Recode V3.1.0.9 won't run, but crashes immediately, on my XP system, the previous version crashed when I tried to alter the resolution, the one before that... etc. This author keeps churning out new versions of his FFmpeg front-end with serious bugs. He should test his software before releasing it. I now use Avanti GUI:

While the System Software updates may sometimes provide updates to the system's firmware, it is unlikely that this occurs with many, if any, updates. The updates can be downloaded from the Xbox Live service directly to the Xbox 360 and subsequently installed. Microsoft has also provided the ability to download system software updates from their respective official Xbox website to their PCs and then storage media, from which the update can be installed to the system.

basically after it crashed I was told by all googled help guides to reset and re-install, which made sense. After resetting, it has uninstalled the firmware on the device, and now through reasons unknown to me i cannot re-install the firware. through a Semi-hacking way is there a way to manually re-install the firmware without using the zune software which does naught but bring up this error over and over.

You're available to edit the videos before the conversion. Just click one of the editing icons to enter the editing window. This software can support you to trim, crop, and set video and audio parameters. If you want to choose your favorite clips from the videos, trim the videos by selecting its start time and end time. Facing so many video clips, you'd better make all these into one file by choosing the option merge into one file. Moreover, you can set the videos' brightness and saturation to make them seem different from others.


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