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Best Board Intel Lga 775 Motherboard Drivers for Windows 10

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Board Intel Lga 775 Motherboard Driver Download

If you could not find the exact driver for your hardware device or you aren't sure which driver is right one, we have a program that will detect your hardware specifications and identify the correct driver for your needs. Please click here to download.

Core 2 required a voltage regulator on the motherboard that was not needed for the Pentium D line of processors, all early 775 socket motherboards do not have this VR, which includes your Intel mobo, so no it will not work.

Long answer is that since Intel used this socket for a long time, you'll have to check with what your motherboard says it supports. Newer motherboards with the same socket, came out around the time the newer CPU's with the same socket arrived.

All LGA775 CPU's will physically fit into the socket LGA775, but not all of them are supported by all motherboards. If you're upgrading an old computer system please make sure that the CPU is compatible with your motherboard.

Yesterday i made a thread about Socket 478 motherboards with PCI-E slots, but i decided to some some more research and make a list of the oposite, LGA 775 motherboards with AGP Slots, these are more common than Socket 478+PCI-E mobos, but also interesting at some point

Some Intel 865 and VIA chipsets boards might support Dual Core, 65 nm CPUs or even Core 2, but it depends of the motherboard model. There are at least vey few boards with Core 2 Quad Support (AsRock 775i65G R2.0/3.0 and AsRock ConRoe865PE afaik). Ethier way, check CPU support of the motherboard

Intel 865G:(4) AsRock 775i65G(5) AsRock 775i65G R2.0(5) AsRock 775i65G R3.0(1) IBT/iBase MB865/MB865-R (Industrial motherboard, has ISA slots)(1) IBT/iBase/Adek MB865F (Industrial motherboard, has ISA slots)(1) Gigabyte GA-8I865GM-775(1) Gigabyte GA-8I865GMF-775(4) Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775(4) Gigabyte GA-8I865G775-G(4) Gigabyte GA-8I865G775-G-RH(4) Gigabyte GA-8I865GMK-775 (Only ver 1.1 or newer supports Pentium D and 65 nm CPUs)(5) Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775-RH (Only ver 2.0 or newer supports Core 2, 1.x only up to 65nm Pentium 4/D, ver 6.6 supports Core 2 Quad)(5) Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775-RH-AS (Only ver 2.0 or newer supports Core 2 and 65 nm CPUs, 1.x only up to 90nm Pentium 4/D)(4) ASUS P5P800-VM(1) ASUS P5P800-MX(5) ASUS P5PE-VM (BIOS update might be needed for Core 2 support)(3) Biostar i865G-M7 (up to 8xx Pentium D acording to CPU-Upgrade site)(4) Intel D865GSA(4) MSI 865GM3-V (MS-7101)(4) Foxconn 865G7MF-SH(1) DFI G7S600-B (Industrial motherboard)(1) DFI G7S620-N (Industrial motherboard, has ISA slots)(4) PCCHIPS P13G+(1) PC Chips P13G(3) Biostar 865G Micro(5) ANOVO AIMB-865 (Industrial motherboard, has ISA slots)(4) Axiomtek IMB200 (Industrial motherboard, has ISA slots)

Thanks guys for this topic, I found it via google. It is really great and has lots of useful info. I collecting rare hardware and it just gave me an idea, that I also need the latest and fastest AGP motherboard. I just ordered an ASRock 775i65G R3.0 motherboard, since it is cheap and still available as new! Maybe I will just keep now in box unopened or later I will setup with a Voodoo 4.

i just setup osx Leopard on my Asus P5PE-VM ive got it configured with an X6800 Core 2 Extreme Processor (65nm)its strange to see intel core 2 duo paired with AGP but that is exactly what this board is..1066 FSB as long as u use an AGP 8x graphics card, w/ a pair of DDR400 RAM (2GB max)i just wish this board supported more ram (4gb or 8gb)

Also the motherboard that you are referring to, might not support Microsoft* Windows* 7 since that operating system was designed for newer motherboards. I would suggest contacting Microsoft* to confirm hardware requirements.

The MS-7525 VER:1.0 (Boston-GL6) is a Socket 775 motherboard built by MSI as an OEM for Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP used this board for building their Compaq dx2390 and Compaq dx2420 Microtower PC, Compaq Presario SG3540IL Desktop PC and it can also be found in many other Pavilion PCs and Compaq Presario PCs.

Installs base drivers, Intel PROSet for Windows Device Manager*, advanced networking services (ANS) for teaming & VLANs, and SNMP for Intel Network Adapters for Windows XP*. These downloads do NOT support Microsoft Windows XP for Intel Itanium processors.

When it comes to server motherboards, it is a fact that Tyan knows how to make motherboards right, and that they have been doing so for quite some time. Dr. T. Symon Chang who was a longtime Intel and IBM executive founded Tyan in 1989. The time and effort put forth by Tyan into each individual motherboard is quite impressive, as we've seen throughout testing a number of their motherboards. The Tyan server motherboard we're taking for a spin today is the recently released Tyan Tomcat i7221A (S5151). This motherboard is similar to the Tomcat i7221 (S5150) but is more thermally efficient and offers a fair amount of other improvements. Other features for this motherboard include three LAN controllers, two of which are Gigabit, and an Intel E7221 (Copper River) Chipset.

Whenever examining a Tyan product we are always presented with a wealth of additional motherboard accessories. In the case of the Tomcat i7221A we found one USB2.0 expansion slot, four Serial ATA cables, two Serial ATA power cables, one I/O shield, one Intel 82801FR (ICH-6R) driver disk, one Adaptec driver disk, one TYAN driver CD, one quick reference guide, one user's manual, one Ultra-DMA 133/100/66/33 IDE cable, one FDD cable, and of course the actual Tomcat i7221A motherboard. As always, the contents came neatly packaged and there were no signs of apparent damage to any of the parts. Over time with the numerous Tyan motherboards we reviewed, we're always pleased by the quality of the content Tyan manages to pack into the user's manual and especially the quick reference guide. The quick reference guide is a one-sided sheet that tells the location of all major onboard components along with the location of the different jumpers. In addition, it tells the configuration for the front panel connectors.

1st November 2004 - How do you build the Ultimate Gaming Platform? You find the Ult1mate Gamer. In a historical move, ABIT has partnered with the world's top gamer - Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel - to develop PC gaming hardware with no equal. Built for extreme speed and unmatched stability, the ABIT Fatal1ty Hardware Series is a platform designed for gaming from the ground up. Today, ABIT is proud to launch the first of the Fatal1ty hardware series - the Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard and Fatal1ty X700XT Graphics Card.

In competition, a few dropped frames could mean the difference between victory and defeat. That's why the Fatal1ty AA8XE is built for extreme performance. On the Fatal1ty AA8XE is specially designed unlockable BIOS, which grants the user a number of BIOS options designed to push the system to the very limits for unmatched gaming performance. The Fatal1ty AA8XE also comes with ABIT's exclusive µGuruTM technology, which integrates OC GuruTM overclocking, ABIT EQTM hardware monitoring, FlashMenuTM 1-click BIOS updating, and BlackBoxTM diagnostic technology into a user friendly Windows-based interface. With OC Guru, users can tune front side bus speeds and CPU voltages on-the-fly through Windows. ABIT EQ lets users monitor fan speeds, system voltages and temperatures at-a-glance, and FlashMenuTM 1-click BIOS update makes it easy to keep the system running in absolute peak condition. If a problem arises, BlackBoxTM automatically detects your hardware configuration, and allows it to be sent to ABIT tech support for fast, friendly e-service. With OC Guru, ABIT EQ, FlashMenu, and BlackBox, gamers have the most comprehensive suite of system utilities ever to power a desktop motherboard.

For the ultimate in networking performance, the Fatal1ty AA8XE delivers dual Intel LAN capabilities. Use the 10/100 LAN to connect to the Internet at the lowest possible latencies, and the Gigabit LAN for lightning-fast file transfers in your home network or your next LAN party. Audio performance is also top-notch with 7.1 channel high-definition audio backed by ABIT's technology. By using a separate daughter card for audio connectors, ABIT Engineers have greatly AudioMAXTM reduced the amount of noise caused by high frequencies generated from the motherboard. With AudioMAX, gamers can zero in on their prey with enhanced audio clarity. In fact, the Fatal1ty AA8XE is the first motherboard to receive Dolby Digital Live support.

The Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard integrates no less than five cooling technologies that keep the Fatal1ty AA8XE cool in the heat of battle. The specially designed PWM system not only delivers clean stable power to the on-board components, but positioned over the MOSFETs are high-grade heatsinks that draw heat efficiently from some of a motherboard's hottest components. In fact, with ABIT's unique layout, the MOSFETs remain below 50C! With its unique vertical orientation, OTES AeroFlowTM simultaneously cools the northbridge, graphics card, and southbridge. ABIT Engineers innovate yet again with OTES RAMFlowTM, the world's first integrated memory thermal solution on a desktop motherboard. With OTES RAMFlowTM, DDR memory is kept cool via two high-speed fans for unsurpassed system stability. The Fatal1ty AA8XE also includes ABIT Engineered OC Strips, which help quickly draw heat away from the PCB. All heat is then exhausted by a Dual OTESTM system, which delivers twin fans and a heat duct that efficiently channels heat from the inside to the outside of the case. For the optimal balance of thermal and acoustic performance, all fans are automatically controlled via µGuruTM. With these exclusive ABIT technologies, the Fatal1ty AA8XE delivers impressive thermal performance for the serious gamer right out of the box.

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