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Jason Hinterweger
Jason Hinterweger

How to Scan and Edit Images with Silverfast 8 Epson without a Keygen

Tried another program like epson scan to get good results with special films not many programs take care of them. Worked ok for those special films but can't trust their results for daily scans.

Silverfast 8 Epson Keygen checked

I recently picked up a Epson 3380 scanner. Its a whole new ball game. Although it only holds approx 20 sheets of film, it has an amazing ability to scan negatives at speed. I use Silverfast for all scanning, it scans negatives as well and I don't have any problems scanning. I also use it to scan transparencies since it knows to keep the image density under 4.0.

The slow printing time is the real problem with the Epson SN. No wonder Epson is its last. As everyone else has said, Vuescan. There are plenty of features that Epson couldn't possibly have squeezed onto the SN and that is the main reason why it has such a bad rep. It's the combination of not being able to make it work at all and having a terrible UI.

When I say I can capture a great negative scan from a fast camera with 60mm macro focal length, I have an EM1ii camera. No other camera provides that ability and quality at the high resolutions and reasonable price of the E-M1ii. That is why I purchased the camera. This review was mostly useless. To me, the reviewers actual experience with SilverFast 8 is meaningless. No one wants to use an archaic scanner with no update in five years to get a camera with marginal quality to pore through the garbage the reviewer chose to let through without a single mention. Sad.

I ordered it yesterday. Its the cheapest Epson printer I've ever owned that used to be Epson. I'd be interested to see how it holds up after 4 years of regular use, to see how much change there'll be after some usage.


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