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Jason Hinterweger
Jason Hinterweger

Neon Genesis Evangelion Image ((HOT))

This paper is about the way in which stillness is used in the unusual and popular animated television series, Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin seiki evangelion; Hideaki Anno, 1995-96). It also refers to an earlier and quite different animated series, Record of Lodoss War (Lodoss do senki; various, 1989-91) to suggest how stillness has been deployed in more conventional Japanese animated narratives. The paper concentrates on images of stillness in these series. By images of stillness I mean those images without figure movement, not images referring to photographs or paintings. In thinking about the deployment of stillness in these series I have been aided by David Bordwell's work on film narration and Tsvetan Todorov's work on reading and genre in literature . The paper is underpinned with certain ideas about animation, motivation, the cinema, and stillness which should be made explicit at the outset.

Neon Genesis Evangelion image



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